Lexi’s Literati Lounge – On The Couch With Violet Veidt

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Hey sexy readers,

Welcome to my NEW playground, Lexi’s Literati Lounge!

Join me on the couch as I interview some fascinating people within the realm of the erotic.

Violet Veidt in Lexi's Literati Lounge - LexiSylver.com

Violet Veidt in Lexi’s Literati Lounge – Click to read her interview at LexiSylver.com

Click here to read my interview with young erotic author Violet Veidt, plus an excerpt for one of her erotic E-Books, Neighbourly Behaviour.

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Lexi xxx

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Lexi’s Sex Toy Review: Warming Edible Aphrodisiac Organic Oil by Shunga

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Sex Toy Review: Warming Edible Aphrodisiac Organic Oil by Shunga

When I’m craving a tasty snack, I love to use this Aphrodisiac oil by Shunga. I blindfold and tie up my man, while treating him to a lengthy exploration of his body with my tongue and hands. Of course, I’m partial to taking turns, so I’ve both tasted this edible aphrodisiac oil and had it used on my body.

Warming Edible Organic Aphrodisiac Oil by Shunga

My tongue’s experience: My favorite is the chocolate flavor, and it really does taste like chocolate with a sweet aftertaste.

Tactile experience: The oil glides nicely over the skin and once licked off, it doesn’t leave behind any residue. The oil really does feel warm when you apply it and blow on any expanse of skin. ANY expanse of skin.

Visual experience: This aphrodisiac oil comes in a luxurious-looking small glass bottle with plastic cork, inside a cylindrical black canister with a metal cover for sexy and discreet storage.

Other reasons I love this: it’s organic, it smells great, and comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavors.

I definitely recommend this oil for anyone looking for a delicious tease, and as a gift idea for another sexy person you know. I also really like to use it with the S&M Satin Blindfold by Sportsheets.

Note: oil can weaken or damage latex. Do not use this oil as a lubricant, especially with condoms.

Details about the Warming Edible Aphrodisiac Oil by Shunga

– How to use: pour a few drops on your partner’s erogenous zones, lightly blow on it to activate the sensual warming effect, then lick it off. And repeat.

– Warming

– Edible

– Aphrodisiac

– Organic: Made with pure vegetable glyricerin and a natural corn by-product, both certified organic

– 9 erotic fragrances and flavors available: Blazing Cherry, Chocolate, Raspberry, Orange, Exotic Fruit, Sensual Mint, Orgy of Grapes, Vanilla Fetish, Strawberries & Champagne

– 100ml / 3.5oz format

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Top 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear During Sex

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Go from 100 to O with these mood-killing lines.

Top 10 Things  You Don't Want to Hear During Sex by Lexi Sylver

10. You make me wish I was still a man.

9. This reminds me of the sex I had in prison.

8. While you’re down there, can you take out my tampon?

7. Can I pay you with coupons?

6. On second thought, maybe you should put your bra back on.

5. Uhm… I’m pretty sure your hamster is dead.

4. There’s a clown outfit in the closet that would look super sexy on you.

3. I don’t mind your small penis! It’s…cute.

2. I have a great homemade snuff film I want to show you – it really gets me in the mood.

1. Why is the light for your webcam on?

What else would you NOT want to hear while having sex?
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Click here to read more of my Top 10 Lists… because we all need an excuse to procrastinate.

Stay tuned for more sexy humor & of course, my erotic short stories!


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Sex toy review: Sapphire Spiral

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Once you go glass…

If you need a switch from your standard sex toys & vibrators, here’s definitely one that’s versatile, sexy and really effective, whether you’re a clit girl, love your G-spot, or both!

The Adult Toy Shoppe’s glass Sapphire Spiral dildo is about 7 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and has an upraised spiral that winds along the shaft for extra pleasure.  The realistic head is also upraised and tapered, and the shaft is curved, both working together to hit all your Oh! spots when you insert it.  The flared base helps you control the dildo and offers a firm, non-slip grip, even when you thrust it quickly and deeply.

I love the shape and feel of this dildo, because of the smooth spiral ridge effect.  It helps that it’s pretty to look at, but there are other major advantages: the glass is unbreakable, super easy to clean (no holes or indentations so no bacteria stays in after you wash it), and it really retains temperature well.  This means you can run it under hot or warm water for an incomparably warm masturbation experience, or put it in the freezer and let it heat up as you use it on yourself or your partner… tons of fun!

Whether you just like to play with hot and cold, crave deep penetration or just want to torture your clit when you get yourself off, the Sapphire Spiral is definitely worth any girl’s while!

Check out the last sex toy review on my website:
the Lipstick Pocket Rocket!

More sex toy reviews to come!

In the meantime, check out my newly organized,
easy-to-browse sex positions!

Lexi 😉

New short erotica: Femme Fatale

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Welcome back, faithful readers!

Check out my latest erotic short story, Femme Fatale, as your new favorite secret agent recounts the seductive tale of how she got mixed up in the spy business…

Read it here or on my website.

Plus, if you haven’t yet, take a look at my latest sex toy review on the Lipstick Pocket Rocket!

More sexy stuff, coming soon!  In the meantime, suggest some story ideas you’d love to read! 😉  Post your comments here or e-mail me at lexi@lexisylver.com.

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Sex toy review: Lipstick, with a twist!

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Lipstick Pocket Rocket, available at The Adult Toy Shoppe

If you’ve been looking for a novelty sex toy for yourself or a secretly naughty girlfriend of yours, the Lipstick Pocket Rocket is definitely worth trying!

The Adult Toy Shoppe’s slim, compact design is the same size as a real lipstick tube, making it discreet enough to bring this goody with you wherever you go.  It comes with a removable black cover to help keep it clean and to make it look discreet if found in your possession.  The feminine, magenta-colored lipstick part is a smooth and small clitoral massager, but don’t be fooled by its size– this one vibrates quite vigorously!  Its powerful vibration turns on with one easy twist of the lipstick, but it only has one speed so you can’t adjust the intensity.  The Lipstick Pocket Rocket is a bit loud (a little more than your typical vibrator), though, and can only be used as a clit massager, so it’s not practical if you want some penetration, too.

I’d suggest the Lipstick Pocket Rocket for a birthday (or bachelorette) gag gift, especially for a woman who’s never tried using a sex toy before (ah, those first-timers), because of its small, non-intimidating and feminine packaging.  Guys, if you’re trying to get her to experiment a little more, this gift may help her make the transition to adding a little more kink in your sex life!  A fun way to incorporate the use of toys in your usual routine.  Girls, let him rub it on your clit during foreplay or while he penetrates you, to get the most out of your toy!  Or you could always make him watch you apply lipstick to drive him a little crazy instead…

*Vibrator requires 1 AAA battery (not included).
*Don’t forget to always clean your sex toys both before and after you use them!

More sex toy reviews to come… or rather, to help you come!

The Lipstick Pocket Rocket available at www.theadulttoyshoppe.com.

If you’re a writer or blogger interested in writing sex toy reviews or articles on www.lexisylver.com, please contact me at pr@lexisylver.com.

See you soon for a new short erotic story!!!



Update from Lexi

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written, but life can be hectic like that sometimes.

Not to worry, I have not forgotten you– quite the opposite, in fact.  I’ve spent much time brainstorming new and creative ways to engage you, my readers, in my erotic short stories, and to explore each of my characters in turn, to see my male and female characters as I see them.  To interpret sexuality as a complex, deeply innate, profoundly animalistic act or conquest.  I want you to understand sex as more than a bodily event with physical limitations.  I invite you to explore outside your comfort zone and keep an open mind; to let me guide your imagination in a new direction.  I want you to discover my characters’ motivations, their burning passions, their secret fears, the undeniable shades of humanity they all reveal when put in a state of vulnerability or power.  I want you to experience sexuality through their eyes, to join them in their ethereal, psychophysical journey to orgasmic heights and decadent indulgence.

Only by reading my work will you truly understand my passion for etching unique characters for each situation in each of my stories.

Since the inception of my website and blog, I have tried working on a rigid schedule, one that ignores the fact that I do other Real Life Work in addition to writing and creating.  Lately I realize these pressures are becoming insurmountable, and I have to do something to ease that, for the sake of my Sanity.

I still promise you short erotic stories on Wednesdays and sex positions on Sundays; but my Top 10 lists will be put on ice for a little while.  In their place, I’ll be posting short articles on sexuality & relationships, commentaries, or advice snippets from fan e-mails.  I will also be doing a few sex toy product reviews before Valentine’s Day.  I hope to achieve a balance that will allow me to work more steadily toward my goal this year: to publish Mating Season, a collection of my short erotic stories.

I hope you’ll take some time to peruse my short erotic stories, top 10 lists and sex positions. I love to hear from you, be it comments, feedback, advice queries or your creative ideas.  I’ve already dedicated many stories to friends and fans whose ideas I helped make a (literal) reality.  Write your comments here, e-mail me at lexi@lexisylver.com, or find me as lexi sylver on twitter and facebook.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!