Lexi’s Literati Lounge – On The Couch With Violet Veidt

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Hey sexy readers,

Welcome to my NEW playground, Lexi’s Literati Lounge!

Join me on the couch as I interview some fascinating people within the realm of the erotic.

Violet Veidt in Lexi's Literati Lounge - LexiSylver.com

Violet Veidt in Lexi’s Literati Lounge – Click to read her interview at LexiSylver.com

Click here to read my interview with young erotic author Violet Veidt, plus an excerpt for one of her erotic E-Books, Neighbourly Behaviour.

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Lexi xxx

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Sex toy review: Sapphire Spiral

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Once you go glass…

If you need a switch from your standard sex toys & vibrators, here’s definitely one that’s versatile, sexy and really effective, whether you’re a clit girl, love your G-spot, or both!

The Adult Toy Shoppe’s glass Sapphire Spiral dildo is about 7 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and has an upraised spiral that winds along the shaft for extra pleasure.  The realistic head is also upraised and tapered, and the shaft is curved, both working together to hit all your Oh! spots when you insert it.  The flared base helps you control the dildo and offers a firm, non-slip grip, even when you thrust it quickly and deeply.

I love the shape and feel of this dildo, because of the smooth spiral ridge effect.  It helps that it’s pretty to look at, but there are other major advantages: the glass is unbreakable, super easy to clean (no holes or indentations so no bacteria stays in after you wash it), and it really retains temperature well.  This means you can run it under hot or warm water for an incomparably warm masturbation experience, or put it in the freezer and let it heat up as you use it on yourself or your partner… tons of fun!

Whether you just like to play with hot and cold, crave deep penetration or just want to torture your clit when you get yourself off, the Sapphire Spiral is definitely worth any girl’s while!

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the Lipstick Pocket Rocket!

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Lexi 😉

Top 10 Worst Gifts to Get From Your In-Laws!

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Enjoy my LAST TOP 10 LIST OF THE YEAR!!!  Read it below or on my website! And, if you haven’t read it yet, check out my last erotic short story, Santa’s Helpers!

10. A tacky, bright red and green knitted sweater with a huge Santa Claus on the front from Grandma.

9. A cookbook of HER recipes because she insists her son prefers her cooking…

8.  Baby booties and a little matching outfit, and you’re not even engaged yet!

7.  An industrial box of condoms, “because accidents happen”, her parents say, glancing wistfully at your girlfriend.

6.  A framed picture of your mother-in-law and you that says “Best Friends Forever!” that she wants you to keep on the mantle.

5.  Cosmetics whose special serum is formulated “for mature skin”, written in bold print, and you don’t turn 30 for another few years…

4. A book titled “Abstinence and You”, dated 1954, with the words “New York Public Library” stamped on it.

3. A set of sensual massage oils, and the Kama Sutra, from a very kooky aunt.

2. A membership to the local gym.  Hmmph.

1. A dildo from his Mom… making you wonder if she’s trying to tell you to go fuck yourself.

See you Sunday for this year’s last sex position!



Position of the Week: Crouching Tigress

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Hi all… have a sexy evening, & be sure to stop by Wednesday for my latest erotic short story!  Read this on my website or below.  PLUS!  If you haven’t yet, read this Friday’s Top 10 “That’s What She Said!” Moments at Work!

Position of the Week: Crouching Tigress

What it is: a sultry come-from-behind move that gives you both a workout and seriously amazing penetration.

How to do it:
Get her to stand in front you with her knees bent, like in a squat position, but with her upper body angled forward slightly, leaning on or against a surface (e.g. a stool, counter, or wall).  As you thrust into her, get her to bend and extend her knees at the same rhythm, so that you are both moving up and down in synchrony with each other.  Try to keep your pace slow, teasing and tantric.  If your lady is vertically challenged (i.e., short), get her to wear heels to even out the height difference!

Why it’s hot:
Continuously varying the angle and degree of penetration while you move slowly with each other is intimate and erotic at the same time, which she’ll love.  Plus, your deliberately drawn-out pace will ensure her pleasure, and can keep you from blowing your load a bit too early…

How to kink it up:
Reach in front of her to stroke her clit (and fondle her breasts) while you pump your hips upwards (and downwards) into her.  If she’s down, get her to bring her vibrator out from its secret hiding-place and use it to stimulate her clit while you pump into her from behind (you’ll feel it, too!). She won’t be able to resist the combination of sensations… and her moans will drown out the sounds of her little toy.  You can entice her to show you how she plays with herself when you’re not around!  Sounds like a win-win situation…

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Position of the Week: The Wishbone

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Have a sexy weekend, everyone… try this move out tonight!  Read it here or on my newly improved website!

What it is: A fusion of gymnastics into your repertoire that gives a creative twist to a usual favorite move.

How to do it:
Find yourself a surface flat and firm enough on which to do a handstand.  You can do a headstand if you feel more comfortable (try a pillow), and if it height-wise your pelvises will be more aligned.  Get him to stand up in front of you (either with you facing his legs or facing away from him).  Bring your legs up in the air in and let him grab them, keeping them spread.  As he thrusts downward into you, try looping your legs around his waist (if height permits).

Why it’s hot:
Since you can try it two ways (facing him or away), you can alternate between the angles of penetration and increase the intensity of him hitting your G-spot.

How to kink it up:
For a better view and to increase the intimacy, face away from him and prop up a mirror.  Try out the black high-heeled boots for this one… start off with a sexy lap dance, or put on a little cheerleader or schoolgirl outfit for him.  Sure, it’s stereotypical, but never underestimate the power of role playing…

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Top 10 Naughty Error Messages

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Read this week’s Top 10 Naughty Error Messages on my newly revamped website!

10. DISK FULL!  Press ESC to abort, or wait nine months to continue.

9. The website http://www.free-escorts.com does not exist.  Click here to try http://www.dark-alleys-behind-bars.com instead.

8. No wireless detected.  Please activate webcam, remove clothes slowly, and retry.

7. Warning: internal pressure must be relieved, or system will crash and stack will output all over your keyboard.

6. You have violated the license terms by trying to operate three of the same program at once.  Eject disk immediately.  Entering sleep mode.

5. Trial expired!  Now you have to pay to play.  Upgrade to gold bandwidth or get replaced by a richer, more reliable user.


3. Warning: Cannot move “florida-bikini-pic-1”. Image too ugly.  Get rid of bad memory? (Y/N)

2. Cannot detect power cord.  Jack it differently or plug it in another hole.

1. Process “blow.exe”: no such job.  Manual override in progress…

Hope you enjoyed 😉  Click here to read some of my other Top 10 lists!

New Position of the Week this Sunday… check back for more.


Position of the Week: The Recliner

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Try this one out tonight!  Check it out here or on my website.

What it is:
A creative twist to girl-on-top that makes for a slow bump ‘n grind.

How to do it:
Straddle your man with him lying down and his knees bent.  Facing him, plant your feet on either side of his head and lean back against his legs, almost like you’re in an armchair.  When his pelvis rises up as he thrusts into you, roll your hips into him.

Why it’s hot:

His hands will be free to stroke your clit and play with your breasts while he stimulates your G-spot with this move.  Plus, he gets to watch your sexy expressions as he drives you down the hedonistic highway.  You can literally lie back and enjoy the ride.

How to kink it up:
Give him a little show and grab your breasts, rubbing your clit in motion.  You know what you like, so start off by pleasuring yourself, and have him finish off the job.  You can also try lifting your body off him slightly by keeping your hands on his knees, and have him grab your butt from underneath to hold you up off of him, so he can plunge deeper and use some longer strokes.  Prop up a mirror so you can watch, too!

****This Wednesday I will be featuring the second part of my hit story All The Queen’s Men, so be SURE to visit!****